Leaving The House With Small Children

January 21, 2016

Why have I not posted in 3 months?

Well, there are a few reasons but mostly because I’m one big giant mess (didn’t I establish that in my first post?). Since there is not anyone demanding that I post (with the exception of my sweet and loving sister, who is a dedicated blogger), blogging tends to fall by the wayside in the competition of what I should do with my (very little) free time.

So, here is a post 3 months in the making!


I’m not an agoraphobe, promise.

My children are actually pretty well behaved in public. I never regret going out, I just can’t always find the gumption to leave my house, and with different nap schedules and diffrent sleeping patterns, sometimes I feel like I can’t leave. And on top of all of that, winter in the Midwest just makes it so much worse.

I think my friends who live in the midwest  can relate that leaving the house during the winter months can be an especially difficult thing. And I’m sure it can be an even bigger challenge with more than two children.

this post is written exclusively from my perspective.

9 AM

Ok, let’s get our socks on, we are going shopping at the grocery store!

No, no, you can’t go without socks and shoes, come back over here and put socks on.

I said, come back here!

Alright, I’m going to find socks for your brother, and you get your socks on….

I can’t find a single pair of socks for you Little Bear, they must all be in the laundry

…when was the last time I switched loads…2 days ago? Oh gosh, I’m going to have to run that load in the washer again…

Alright Little Bear, I guess you are going to have to wear your sister’s old socks…again.

What? no, I’m not going to help you. You are 3 years old, you can put your own socks on. I’m helping your brother

Alright socks on little guy. Now I have to put your snowsuit on. Stop screaming, it’s not the end of the world. It’s actually warm…I kind of wish i had one. o.k. the more you scream and arch your back, the harder this experience is going to be. For real? This is taking so much longer than it has to-


Finally. see, the snow suit isn’t that bad.

Thank you for putting your socks on… Finally.

Alright I’m going to run out to the van and start it. Put your coat on while I’m up there.

Here Little Bear, play with some toys over here while I run out.

-gone for 1 minute and come back in-

Why is your coat not on? Please, put your coat on! Where is your brother? Where did he go?

Oh no! you have got to be kidding me! What are you doing in the bathroom? get out of he…Why are you wet? No way! I was gone for like 60 seconds! Oh this is so gross!

I’m sorry that you are upset, but maybe you should not have used the toilet as your own personal water table! Oh, thankfully just your snow suit got wet…. I’m glad I have a back up snowsuit. Stop freaking out, you did this to yourself.


ok, snow suit on, coat finally on – go put your boots on- wow, the first time I asked, thank you Bug.

alright, we are rea- ugh! i’m still in my pajamas.

who wants to watch a show while mommy gets ready to go!? yay!

Ok Little Bear, clearly you cannot be trusted on your own so you are going to have to go in your pack n play for a little bit while I get ready. Ok, scream all you want, here is your pacifier. Alright, lets watch the worst and most annoying children’s show on the planet but it will entertain you for a little while so I can actually get dressed without worrying what you will get into.


ok, it’s quiet. what should I wear, where’s my phone..ok, flashlight is on and now I need to decide what I need in the room before I go in there. I don’t want to wake Patrick up. Jeans? Like any of those fit, ugh! I’ll just grab a pair of yoga pants, a t-shirt and a sweatshirt.  I haven’t showered, but I don’t look that bad…maybe I should put my hair up. Make up? maybe some mascara.

OK rea- BLURG! i need socks! flash light on, socks, back out. alright.

Ready,  here we go!

You have got to be kidding me! after all this work!

Ok, bug, Little Bear fell asleep, lets turn the TV off and let him sleep.

9:40 Crap! the Van is running!


Ok, Little Bear is awake now, let’s try this again. coat on, boots on.

Bug, no, we don’t need to zip your coat because you can’t wear it in your carseat. no, I’m not going to zip it. I’ll zip it when we put it on at the store. ugh! fine, i’ll zip it. just chill out.

ok. out to the van! Alright, you get in the van and take your coat off while I get Little Bear in his seat.

Are you rea- BUG! GET. IN. THE. VAN! don’t you throw that snowball at m- not funny. oh, your hands are cold? well maybe you should have listened to me and gotten strait in the van. If we were going to play in the snow, I would have given you gloves. ok, coat off, buckled in. O.K.

Ok, 10 minutes of children staying still and quiet-

What?! you have to go potty!


Ok, I’ll turn around.

ok, coat and boots off. lets go to the bathroom…I love you too. now lets wash our hands.

Coat on, boots on. lets go. no, i am going to carry you because you take too long to get up the stairs and I want to get grocery shopping done before nap time!

OK! Here we go again! For real this time!

No, Bug I don’t want to listen to silly songs, no. no. no. not right now. ugh, fine. Thank you for asking so nicely.

Alright lets get your coat back on and stay IN the car until I come get you. I need to get Little bear out.

Ok. Hold my hand. we are in a parking lot! hold my hand!


ok, get in the cart. here we go. let’s get some groceries.

Yes, I know you are hungry, we will have to eat lunch when we get home.

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  • Reply Stephanie V January 21, 2016 at 9:57 pm

    Story of my life

  • Reply Sheila September 29, 2016 at 12:17 am

    “Hold my hand. we are in a parking lot! hold my hand!” Yes. Every. Single. Time.

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