I’m Back

March 16, 2017

2016 was not a banner year.

This past year I experienced a whole lot of self doubt and conflict about some of my life choices.  I couldn’t blog because I felt I had nothing of value to say. My day to day life was the absolute only thing I could do, and to be honest, I wasn’t doing a vey good job at that. One incredibly positive thing that came out of 2016 was that Patrick, my husband went from 2 years on the night shift at his job, to a second shift position. That created an excellent opportunity for us to spend more time together, for us to learn to communicate better, and for all of us as a family to spend more quality time together.

I’ve realized during this hiatus that I need to do blogging for myself, that I need to enjoy it if I am going to use my free time doing it, and not do it because someone says, “I should blog”. I’ve also realized that while writing is not my favorite thing to do, I want to become a stronger writer and a stronger voice. So I will. I refuse to let negativity bring me down wether it be my negative thoughts, or others.

I would much rather blog about the realities of my life than to escape them by watching TV. I know I have the ability to help others, just like myself who struggle with their role and purpose in life outside of or in their home. And if I end up only helping myself, that’s ok, I’ll be better off because of it.

Because my husband’s current schedule is more open now, we hope to change the format of the blog into a more collaborative nature. Life is one blunder after another no matter your state in life. You should enjoy it as best you can. I know I am.


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