DIY Buzz And Woody Costumes

November 6, 2015

Happy Halloween! Well, it was Halloween.

This year was the first year I did DIY costumes for the kids.

This post will be short given that I didn’t take as many pictures during the process as I should have….I focused in and forgot to stop along the way and document my process.

Bug’s costume was modeled off of this DIY No Sew Buzz Lightyear costume I found on Pinterest. it was an extremely helpful guide. the three biggest things that I did differently  was: 1). For the wings, I doubled up the foam so that they stood up on their own a little bit better. 2). I  enlisted my mom to help with the small sewing parts like Bug’s hood that she made out of an old T-shirt from Salvation Army. And 3). I actually made/painted the boots (my mom also helped with those). All I did with the boots was I painted a regular pair of old rain boots with acrylic paint. They were perfect because it rained that day and she needed to wear boots anyway but also, the paint didn’t adhere to the rubber, so they were perfect for pictures but by the end of the night they were practicly back to normal. What I liked the most about this DIY costume is that it was simple. There weren’t some of the same details that the real Buzz has but it did the job. No one asked who she was when we were out, they all just knew.

Little Bear’s costume was a little bit harder just because I had to find very specific things to even make him look similar to Woody. I found the yellow shirt at Salvation Army, the bandana was from Michaels and the hat was from Amazon . The vest was the most challenging (ask my mom) I found a dress at Salvation Army with the print on it. I ripped most of the seams (others helped too) and then my mom made the pieces into a vest. Sorry! no pictures of the process 🙁 . I had boots for Little bear but when I went to put them on him, they didn’t fit. Turns out he has monster feet. IMG_0009


IMG_0003IMG_0001 IMG_0010

I didn’t realize that pulling something simple like a DIY halloween costume would give me so much confidence! I love that I had such an impact on her Joy that night. The moment she saw the costume, she started taking her clothes off so she could put it on. She was so genuine in her thanks and amazement at how she looked when she looked in the mirror. The entire night she was yelling “To Infinity and Beyond!!”.

DIY costumes again? Yeah, I think so….Within reason though.

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