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I’m Back

2016 was not a banner year. This past year I experienced a whole lot of self doubt and conflict about some of my life choices.  I couldn’t blog because I felt I had nothing of value to say. My day to day life was the absolute…

March 16, 2017

Leaving The House With Small Children

Why have I not posted in 3 months? Well, there are a few reasons but mostly because I’m one big giant mess (didn’t I establish that in my first post?). Since there is not anyone demanding that I post (with the exception of my…

January 21, 2016

Why Am I so Tired?

“Why am I so tired?” That is a question I ask myself on a daily basis. “Why can’t I just wake up?” I wonder to myself, “Do other moms feel like this? probably not, other moms are better than I am, other moms get more…

October 28, 2015

My Wonderful Blunderful Life

I am a wife and Mother of two. My children are 4 years (Bug) and 2 years (Little Bear) old. My background is in Early childhood education and I have worked in the field off and on since my graduation from the University of Minnesota…

October 17, 2015